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Wuhan Wanruite Security Technology Co., Ltd.
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Specific instructions: ◆ --- channel width: single channel 90 cm. ◆ High sensitivity: The shortest can detect 3 cm magnetic stripe, and can detect all magnetic stripe products on the market with high guarantee. ◆ Good stability: with --- advanced dsp technology, perfect to ensure the stability and reliability of the system. ◆ No false positives: The advanced self-checking ability of the detector can effectively identify and filter external interference sources, and achieve the ideal effect of high alarm and no false positives required by experts. ◆ Strong metal resistance: Independently developed intelligent digital microcomputer control technology and three-loop synchronous recursive filtering technology have unprecedentedly improved the system's ability to resist metal interference and freely adjust against metal interference. ◆ Strong technical pertinence: Designed for the installation requirements of large and medium-sized bookstores, libraries, drug stores, audiovisual stores, cosmetics stores, etc. ◆ Design with strong visual impact: elegant and elegant appearance design, frame is made of imitation plastic material, imported high-end crystal glass on both sides, strong permeability, good fluidity ◆ --- popular additional optional function-enter the store Passenger flow statistics function: The computer can be used to achieve daily, historical passenger flow statistics, analysis, report generation, etc. to help customers improve business management efficiency. ... [ View Details ]

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Library anti-theft device - Mobile anti-theft device - Sound magnetic anti-theft door - Clothing store anti-theft door - Supermarket anti-theft device
Wuhan Wanruite Security Technology Co., Ltd. Tel: 027-87676020 Contact: Li Zhiyan Address: Hongshan District Publishing City, Wuhan
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